We Are Honest & Transparent

Honesty does not get us every client but it always gets us the right ones. We never compromise a long lasting relationship for short-term gains. In short, we never offer you a distorted picture of your case to lure you into a retainer. We know our strengths and we know our weaknesses, and we are always proud of admitting both.

Trust builds upon transparency and reputation builds upon trust. We always give you the full picture, whether it is of your case or of our fees. We are proactive in communicating with our clients about their cases and we always provide them with every detail about the progress or status of their case. We are transparent because our reputation depends on it.

We Believe in & Play By the Rules

As a professional corporation we are bound by the code and rules of our Law Society but as people serving people, we believe in them. We believe we owe you fiduciary obligations that require nothing short of serving you with the best of our knowledge and expertise, good faith, honesty, and candor.

We Go the Extra Mile

Beyond our regulatory and contractual obligations to our clients we see them as family and we never shy away from going the extra mile to ensure their complete satisfaction.

We Take Your Privacy Very Seriously

Every information entrusted to us in the course of our professional relationship, from the initial intake questionnaires to final judgments and decisions, is kept and protected in strict compliance with our Privacy Policy, and all applicable laws and regulations.

We Have a Duty to Give Back

As Saadi elegantly puts it “You, who are indifferent to the misery of others, do not deserve to be called human”. We are proud of being human and we do all we can to deserve it.

We Choose Who We Work With

We treat everyone fairly, with dignity, and free from prejudice or discrimination. But our values are our identity, and we never jeopardize them. We thus refuse to work with those involved in illegal or corrupt activities or those who knowingly want us to commit illegal or unethical acts. We always conduct due diligence before accepting someone as our client.

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SILAW Professional Corporation (“SILAWPC”) is an Ontario corporation authorized by the Law Society of Ontario pursuant to Part II of By-Law 7 and section 61.0.1 of the Law Society Act to provide legal services and services ancillary to its legal services.


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