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Dreamers at Heart.
Achievers in Practice.

At heart,

SILAW is a firm believer in the human drive for a better life. Something that makes dreamers risk it all, and pursue it tirelessly. In history immigration has often been the obvious solution. But in truth, immigration is merely a mean, not an end. If believed otherwise, and sought without a sound plan, it will inevitably disappoint. SILAW will ensure immigration remains a mean for an end: so remarkably, thoughtfully and skillfully planned that will enable the dreamer to enjoy the better life.

At SILAW, honesty is paramount, and in all honesty, SILAW is meant only for those who have the vision, the courage and the means to turn the utopian-better-life dream into an enjoyable reality. At SILAW, we don’t sell you an exaggerated dream of a Canadian life, help you create a case just to come here and leave you to face the reality on your own. Rather, we give you the knowledge and awareness to see your Canadian life, envisioned based on your peculiarities and characteristics, and for your unique goals and dreams. We then assist you to assess whether that would be the better life you are pursuing, before you want to risk it all. And finally, and most importantly, we’ll get you there.

In Practice,

SILAW is a business, and business immigration law boutique. This means that while we offer only a few niche services, we deliver them incredibly well.

We take on a few clients at the time to ensure they are served excellently. Unfortunately this often makes us turn down request for retainment or place potential clients in a queue. We believe this loss of opportunity is worth the complete satisfaction our clients get.

Mon-Thur: 10am – 6pm

Meet The Team

Siavash Shekarian

CEO and Managing Attorney

Arash Izadpanah

Start-up Business Consultant

Arash Shekarian

Business Development Consultant

Nima Poyan

Legal Assistant

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